Eric Thames’s Hot Start


Eric Thames has been the headliner of the 2017 Major League Baseball season. Through 31 games this season, Thames has managed to collect 37 hits. He also has 13 home runs and 8 doubles. The start to the season has been one to remember, although this is not his first stint in the big leagues.

Thames made his rookie debut in the 2011 season with the Toronto Blue Jays. He played in 95 games and had 95 hits. The rookie season was not exactly what Thames was looking for batting (.262 with 88 strikeouts).

Thames continued to slide after making it to the show. In his second season, he hit .232 in 86 games. These numbers were not cutting it for the Blue Jays and Thames was traded to the Seattle Mariners.

With the Mariners, he hit .220 in 40 games. At the conclusion of the season, Thames was left without a job.

He decided to go overseas to play in Korea for three seasons. It was here that Thames became a star. In his time in Korea, Thames hit .348 and was considered the Babe Ruth of Korean Baseball. Thames is seen as a legend in Korea and his dominant play landed him another job in the Big Leagues with the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Brewers signed Thames to a three year, 16 million dollar contract with a million dollar fourth year buyout. So far, the Brewers have gotten everything they payed for. Thames is tied for the league is home runs and is slugging .743 with an on base percentage of .437, all of which are mind blowing numbers.
Thames has turned heads around baseball season including Major League Baseball, who has tested him twice through the first month of the season. Baseball fans are looking to see if Thames can keep up this tremendous pace and only time will tell.

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