End-of-School-Year Six-Word Stories

Beginning the last semester, Journalism students wrote a six-word story about the end of the year.

“I don’t want to be here.” – Christian Holton, senior.

“I just want to leave here.” – Kelsey Pharis, senior.

“Oh my God, I hate finals.” – Ian Ferguson, junior.

“I can’t wait until this summer.” – Tamara Sorg, junior.

“One year until life truly begins!” – Claire Beckman, junior.

“It is all about the future.” – Leah Deminski, junior.

“I’m turning 16 finally, in April.” – Chrissy Brenner, sophomore.

“Keeping grades from slipping too far.” – Cole Schruendeman, freshman.

“One heck of a freshman year.” – Greyson Koinzan, freshman.

“I am going to Washington twice.” – Kristen Tejera, freshman.

“Please be over, I want summer.” – Jenna Ulery, freshman.

“I will have fun and work.” – Karla Guerra Santos, freshman.

“Bittersweet ending to the year.” – Max Rasmussen, freshman.

“Only two more months until summer.” – Lexi Drigs, freshman.

“Motivation has gone out the window.” – Kenzie Winslow, senior.

“Summer can not come fast enough.” – Haley Mustin, senior.

“Going to be a senior? Yikes!” – Austin Sack, junior


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