Ed Sheeran’s New Album



On Dec 12, 2015 at exactly 10:29 p.m. musician Ed Sheeran posted a link on his Twitter, leading to an Instagram photo saying he was going to take a break from his phone. Precisely one year later, Dec 12, 2016 10:29 p.m, Sheeran posted a tweet with a blue square. Each of his albums has had a single color scheme paired with a math related symbol First was “+” with the color orange, “x” was green, and now “÷” with blue. Sheeran then posted teasers for new music he would release on Jan 6, 2017. These two singles are called “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape Of You”. Fans of Sheeran are incredibly excited because he posted another announcement saying the full album will be out on March 3, 2017. These are some reactions of fans after Sheeran’s various posts:

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