Economics Requirements


As many juniors and seniors have recently found out, economics is now a required class to graduate, mandated by the State of Colorado.

Multiple teachers in the social studies department have recently started teaching economics.  Of these teachers, Aaron Modert and Brett Grammerstorf enjoy teaching the new required subject.

“I think that it should have been a required class the whole time because it is one of the most relevant classes that kids will take in high school,” Grammerstorf said.

Students taking this class will participate in lectures, projects and assignments that engage them in real world problems; things they will eventually face in the future.

“I think that the critical things to teach are advice and tips on investing and financial decisions. I like teaching how things change daily, especially on the stock market,” Modert said.

In the class, students learn how to be globally aware and conscious of the decisions they make regarding money.

“With the recent election, the understanding from the class helped them figure out what was going on since they are currently learning what it was all about,” Modert said.

“There are a couple fundamental concepts all econ students need to understand. Economics is simply the study of choices. Individually, business wise, corporations and on the governmental level, we make choices every day,” Grammerstorf said. “To put it into an easier understanding, we all got out of bed today and came to school – that is an economic choice.”

Both teachers agree that it is a very important class that will benefit not only the student’s current life, but their futures as well.

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