Echosmith Concert Preview


In 2017, Echosmith released their latest EP, extended play, Inside My Head, which is the basis for their current US tour that runs through early next month. In anticipation to their show at the Gothic Theatre in Downtown Denver tonight, Apr. 11, here is a brief history of the group and what they are looking forward to most during this tour.

Formed in 2009, Echosmith is an American indie-rock band from Chino, California. The band originated as a quartet of siblings, but is now a trio since the departure of the eldest sibling, Jamie Sierota in 2016.

In addition to going on tour as siblings, the group’s parents will continue the tradition of family-only members in the band, and accompany Echosmith on their tour this spring.

After facing a rough start, the band is optimistic that their future holds more successful music, and their chance to make a difference.

“We believe that we’re on this earth to help make a difference,” singer Sydney Sierota said to Billboard Magazine. “Music is just a vehicle, but our purpose is to bring hope.”

As an Echosmith fan that is attending the concert tonight, I am most looking forward to the fact that I get to hear some of my favorite songs live, including my three personal favorites, “Bright,” “Over my Head,” and “Cool Kids.” As far as the concert goes however, I am looking forward to a concert in a smaller venue because I feel like it allows the musicians to connect more with their audience.

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