Duke University Basketball; the Unforgettable Experience


Saturday, Feb. 15

The Cameron Crazies at the Duke Basketball game with the Blue Devil mascot

The Cameron Crazies at the Duke Basketball game with the Blue Devil mascot

Duke University played Maryland University at home; this was the last time they will play in the conference against each other.  The game came down to the last second with a missed layup by Maryland.

Everybody in the stadium was going crazy when Duke, the team favored to win, was losing to Maryland, an unranked team.  It was the last time these two would meet in conference play because Maryland is going to the Big 10 conference next year.

Going to a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke University is an experience you will never forget.  Even for non Duke fans there is an appreciation for the atmosphere and the history of this stadium and being able to go to a game there.

Everybody was always on their feet during the game, no matter where you are sitting you are on your feet cheering on your team.

During one of the timeouts the student section (or the Cameron Crazies) were chanting “Crazy Towel Guy!”.  He is old man who sat in the upper level and everybody sat down as he stood up and swung a Duke towel over his head.

The Cameron Crazies is one thing you will never be able to forget. They are doing chants and jumping up and down even before the game starts.

“You let your whole team down” is one of the chants they do and that get the entire stadium to do the chant with them, they are in perfect unison and never miss a beat.

There was never a dull moment during the game, something was always going on. Whether it was before the game, at halftime or any timeout the Crazies were always chanting and getting everybody in the stadium pumped up for the next play.

The Crazies have to camp out in tents in Krzyzewskiville outside the stadium with strict rules to try to get tickets for the home games.  The craziest thing however is that you have to stay there the entire season if you want the better tickets.


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