Drama with Olivia Ensues


As if Olivia isn’t already the “crazy girl” of the season, she continues to worsen her reputation. This week on The Bachelor Olivia first interrupts multiple girls on the group date so she can get more time with Ben (typical). The girls in the house were at her wits end with her and then she pushes them over the edge.

Amanda was talking about how she misses her kids at home and Olivia chimes in and says “this is like I’m watching an episode of Teen Mom.” Faces dropped and the girls instantly lost their patience and got Ben involved.

A lot of girls Ben genuinely likes told him about Olivia causing problems in the house and it was clear that Ben was really upset about. He decided to pull Olivia aside to talk. Ben couldn’t send Olivia home at this point because she received the group date rose.

However, next week we think that Ben (hopefully) will pull the plug on crazy girl.

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