Doubles 4 For the Win

Seniors Hunter Ernest and Hannah Smith are the Doubles 4 line on the Women’s Varsity Tennis 2016 team. This undefeated duo continues to conquer the tennis court and help the rest of the team.

On Friday, April 8, Doubles 4 won their match against Ponderosa in a third set tiebreaker to bring the final score of the match, 4-3, Vista. Little did they know this win foreshadowed their success for the weekend.

The Women’s Varsity Tennis Team headed to the Phil Krous tournament in Downtown, Denver. At this tournament, Ernest and Smith played three matches. With each match, the pair played better.

“[Hannah and I] work well together as a team,” Ernest said. “[The biggest challenge was] just getting into a rhythm. It took us a little longer to sync up.”

Once they were in sync, Ernest and Smith dominated in their final match against Cheyenne Mountain, 6-1, 6-1. Doubles 4 was the only line of Varsity to place first at the tournament. The team placed third overall.

“Winning the tournament was something I will hopefully remember forever,” Smith said. “I felt so accomplished after it, and I felt as if I did something for my coaches and teammates.”

Previously in the season, Ernest and Smith also won the Doubles 4 line of the Western Slope Invitational.

“My success this season has meant way more to me than words could ever explain,” Ernest said. “It means a lot that I get to have such an amazing partner who keeps me pumped during a match.”

The partnership that Ernest and Smith have is seen at any point of every match. It is essential to them to keep each other motivated so that the duo can perform at their best.

“We high five each other constantly and cheer one another on before and after points,” Ernest said.

“If someone hits a good shot, we try to get excited for the next point and so on,” Smith said. “It’s important to pump each other up to help us with the rest of the match.”

Looking ahead for the rest of the season, Ernest and Smith intend to keep winning and playing successfully as a team.

“I am looking forward to getting far with my doubles partner and team,” Ernest said. “I am super excited, and looking forward, to State to hopefully be the first Vista tennis team to win State.”

Smith said she also looks forward to State and being challenged by the harder matches that lie ahead.

“I want to represent and show people what Mountain Vista Tennis is all about. Since its my last chance to really create high school tennis memories, I have been pushed to give it my all,” Smith said.

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