[Don’t] Let it Snow


“April showers bring May flowers” no. In the case of this year, and like every year, “April flowers bring May showers.” It was so nice out four days ago and now it’s snowing and it’s supposed to snow all through this first weekend of May.

I’m so irritated that it’s snowing. I had to break out the Uggs again. Just kidding, I knew better than to put them away. It always snows when it’s supposed to be warm and I am peeved.

I thought there was global warming or something that made the temperatures rise, but KATIE guess what it’s snowing on April 29 sooooooooo…

Actually, I don’t really mind the snow that much. It’s definitely unpleasant to walk out and get hit in the face with a huge wind gust and snowflakes but the thing that really gets me is shoveling.

I swear shoveling starts 90 percent of family fights. No one wants to do it because IT SUCKS. Last time when it dumped snow, I had to shovel all by myself and it took forever and it was so cold and I am weak. Sometimes my neighbors take pity on us and snowblow our driveway though so that’s nice.

Pretty much, this weather sucks and I hate it. It needs to be warm now so when summer starts in 13 days, it actually feels like summer.

Update: I found out why it’s snowing even though there’s global warming. If you’re also interested, check it out here.

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