BLOG: Don’t Appropriate Anyone’s Anything


I love Halloween.


What I’m not a big fan of:

Men dressed as women (in an attempt to be funny– in no way am I against cross dressing or different forms of gender expression).

Men dressed as other men in recent news for committing crimes (particularly crimes against women).

Blackface under any circumstance.

People dressing as any ethnicity other than their own.

Anyone mocking or criticizing any religion (other than their own, in some circumstances).

Anything imitating or jeering at any mental illness.

Kids dressed offensively by their parents.


Sorry to be a party pooper, but you can be funny without being offensive.

Here’s why you shouldn’t dress in the ways I listed above:

Dressing as someone else in an attempt to be a laughing stock is suggestive that the individual or group you are dressing as is a laughing stock.

As far as men dressing like women, if the funniest thing a man can think of is to mock a different gender, he’s not a good guy. Women aren’t vulnerable and they aren’t laughable, they’re human beings.

Appropriating any ethnicity is never okay from anyone. Blackface, particularly, is not up for debate. The act roots to a time when white individuals would dress up, black paint, ragged clothes and all, and act heinously back in the nineteenth century– whether or not you mean it to be the same, it is. Anyone who wishes to do this should first realize the underlying implications of their costumes.

Religious mockery is absolutely disgusting. For example, wearing a burqa and toting a gun isn’t funny. If you think it is, I encourage you to see how many people have died in religious conflicts and see if your sense of humor wavers.

A pedophilic priest is also not funny. Any mockery of sexual assault, for that matter, is not funny.

Mental illness is serious. Patients in mental health institutions aren’t worthy of imitation. I don’t think a costume of an individual with anemia would be very funny, but yet Halloween companies are selling “Anna Rexia” costumes.

As for children, if you knowingly submit your child to racism, sexism or any inappropriate act, you’re not a good parent. There’s thousands of ways to make kids cuter than they already are, and dressing them up for your own crude enjoyment isn’t one of them.

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