Dodgeball Photo Gallery


Dodgeball was the first activity to start of the amazing homecoming week. The games were almost as crazy as the outfits. Some teams even had coaches yelling on the sidelines.

IMG_0254+ IMG_0247+ IMG_0245+ IMG_0239+ IMG_0221+ IMG_0212+ IMG_0207+ IMG_0185+ IMG_0183+ IMG_0180+ IMG_0177+ IMG_0172+ IMG_0152+ IMG_0150+ IMG_0103+ IMG_0091+ IMG_0083+ IMG_0080+ IMG_0066+

IMG_9995 IMG_0177 IMG_0013 IMG_0118_2 IMG_0013IMG_0043_2 IMG_0057_2 copy IMG_0059_2 copy IMG_0095_2 copy IMG_0097_2 copy IMG_0098_2 IMG_0099_2 copy IMG_0105_2 copy IMG_0121 IMG_0130_2 copy IMG_0132_2 IMG_0137_2 IMG_0143_2 IMG_0147 IMG_0167_2 IMG_0177_2+ IMG_9706+ IMG_9707 IMG_9713 IMG_9934_2 IMG_9939_2 IMG_9960_2 IMG_9978_2 IMG_9979 IMG_9983_2 IMG_9989_2 IMG_9992_2 IMG_9994_2 IMG_9995_2

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