Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary

As the television show Doctor Who is reaching it’s 50th anniversary, the show’s popularity has infected not only all of England but most of the United States. The show began in 1963 and has had a steady running streak through the years. In the 1990’s at the end of the seventh doctors reign BBC decided to cut the show.

Luckily an independent film company started the eighth doctor’s regime. The show never stopped gaining popularity, which caused the BBC to reinvent the show with a more modern twist. Christopher Eccleston became the ninth regeneration of the Doctor.

After a great season filled with a renewed sense of adventure David Tennant was brought in as the tenth doctor. He became one of the most recognizable doctors beside the eccentric fourth doctor played by Tom Baker. When Tennant left many didn’t think the eleventh doctor would live up to show that had captured millions of people across the globe. Matt Smith came in as the eleventh regeneration of the doctor. He became a playful and brilliant doctor. Smith and his companions became huge in the Doctor Who world.

Now Smith will have to prove himself when play’s alongside Tennant in the 50th anniversary episode in November.
I had better explain the show in full because it is complex and frankly, extremely confusing. The Doctor is a 900 year old Time Lord, who’s home was destroyed in the Time War. The Doctor was the only surviving Time Lord left in all of the universe. Luckily the war left him kind and now he travels the universe in his Time And Relative Dimension In Space, or TARDIS saving species from his enemies such as the Daleks, the Weeping Angels, and the Cybermen. His ship can travel throughout the universe and can travel backwards and forwards in time.

I know that you might be thinking, ‘well why doesn’t he just go back and save his kind from the time war?’ well it is because that war cannot be touched by time, so he will forever be alone. He can also never die, a time lords body simply regenerates. Which means a whole new face and personality each time the doctor is fatally wounded. That is why he is so old.

The Doctor does not always travel alone though, he picks up companions who are willing to travel the universe. The select few get to travel anywhere in space and time saving one civilization after another, but eventually the companion will leave for one reason or another and the Doctor finds someone new. They battle monsters and help save the innocent. It is complex but a fantastic show.
The 50th episode will be one of the most important Doctor Who episode since the first one. This episode will reveal the Doctor’s name, at least that is what the rumors say. Now the world will know the biggest secret to come from the show. The reaction of the crowd might not be as positive as BBC is hoping for. Many think that be revealing the name of the Doctor will ruin the show.

On the other hand, it is an appropriate time to release the last mystery, the Doctor only has one regeneration left before he will die completely (he only gets 12 regenerations). Even though season seven’s finale is months away the world is waiting anxiously for any clues about what is instore for the Doctor and his strange companion Clara. Who knows what will happen, I guess that is just another one of the many mysteries in the workings of Doctor Who.

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