Denver Nuggets Making Trades and Improvements


There is an opportunity for The Denver nuggets to turn their losing record around this early in the season.

As of Jan. 7, the Nuggets traded Timofey Mozgov to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In return, the Nuggets are receiving two high spot draft picks for the 2015 National Basketball Association (NBA) draft.

These high position drafts picks will be extremely valuable with  the new talent coming into the NBA for the 2015-2016 season.

The players that the Nuggets currently have are healthy for the most part, except for three players, small forward Danilo Gallinari, center Javale McGee and shooting guard Randy Foye.

Gallinari, one of the Nuggets’ key players, is still recovering from his knee injury and is making great improvements. He wants to be back on the court playing games within the next three weeks.

When Gallinari is cleared to play, however, head coach Brian Shaw will most likely be very hesitant to play him due to the fact that he has been very prone to knee injuries over the past years. The same injury kept him out of comission for all of last season.

Another injury that is currently holding back the Nuggets is their Center, McGee. He had a minor tear in the muscle surrounding a bone in his leg, his tibia. After some time off, he is likely a week away from a return to the court.

Randy Foye has missed over 20 consecutive games. He has just started to become a bit more active in practice, signifying his return to the court is also close.

Seeing as the Nuggets are currently on a three game winning streak, if they continue that streak to seven games, they will hold a 20-20 record.

The Nuggets are hanging on without their top players, when they return, they will be set even higher for victory.


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