Cydney Billups: An Athlete’s Daughter

“He is very hardworking and generous.” That is how Cydney Billups, 11, would describe her father Chauncey Billups.CydneyBillups

Although her dad played basketball with the Denver Nuggets for multiple seasons, he was also traded all across the country forced to leave his family.

“It was fun when he was at home and we had him here,” Cydney said. “But when he was traded to New York, Los Angeles and to Michigan, he had to travel and we had to stay here [in Colorado] so it was difficult keeping in touch with him over long distances.”

Cydney is on the varsity soccer team at Vista. She has already verbally committed to the University of Texas to play soccer there. Despite her talent, she does not want to follow in her father’s footsteps as a professional athlete. “I don’t really want to play professional soccer after college mostly because professional soccer players don’t really get paid that much,” Cydney said.

One of the perks of having an athlete parent is an in-home coach. “He has really helped me with sports.” Billups said. “He understands things about sports that I don’t really get and he helps me with soccer.”

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