CU-Boulder Going Greener


For nearly six decades University of Colorado-Boulder has been striving for a more eco-friendly campus. In 2009 CU-Boulder launched a three-year conservation campaign to reduce energy, cut paper, water and petroleum use and begin to transition to a zero-waste campus.

To take things a step farther, CU-Boulder is starting several new programs encouraging environmentally friendly behavior among fans at sporting events.

“Bring Your Bottle Back to Life” is a campaign that features CU-Boulder apparel made from 50 percent recycled materials. T-shirts will be given away at home games after every time the Buffs score.

CU-Boulder also offers a transportation system called B-cycles. B-cycle is a bike sharing system implemented in 2011. Pay at any of the 38 stations around campus and take a bike. Another program newly implemented will reward students for riding B-cycles, their own bikes or RTD to games.

At basketball games students can pledge to water conservation thanks to CU-Boulder’s partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation to supply “Water for the West.” For every pledge the CU Environmental center and CU athletics will support water projects along the Colorado River basin.

On campus, any food that is taken to go is packaged in recycled materials. There are also water bottle filling stations and recycle bins.

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