Continental League Honor Music Concert

The Mountain Vista Band, Orchestra and Choir will be participating in a Continental League Concert  this Monday, Jan. 11 at 7 p.m.

Mountain Vista, along with many other Douglas County schools, will be playing at Boettcher Concert Hall in Denver, Colo. in what is arguably their best concert of the year.

“I’m super excited. It’s really cool to have the opportunity to play in such a large ensemble,” said junior Gannon Rushall. “Band class can’t offer such a big group, so playing with all these talented musicians gives you a different perspective on playing with balance and blend.”

In years past, this has been among the Mountain Vista Music program’s most heavily attended events.

“People should come to this concert because the music is awesome. It’s amazing to see how all these great musicians can come together in such a short time to make this concert happen and sound great,” said Rushall.

Be sure to make it out and support the Music department as they showcase their talent.

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