College May Not Be For Everyone

There is no doubt that having a high quality education does have a price tag. Many seniors are pressured to go to college after high school. College may not be for everyone though.

College puts on more stress than some seniors can handle. There are endless essays, late nights and an immense amount of waiting. On top of all that, there is the stress for the acceptance letter.

Some parents can’t afford to give their children a high level education. Scholarships help the financial burden but only causes more stress and waiting.

It may seem like the path that you have to take to succeed but many billionaires did not go to college. Parents push a college degree on their children as the only decision. It is not.

Many freshman in college do not know what they will major in while others change their majors a few times. This only causes more time and money to get a college degree.

High schools don’t seem to offer an alternative to college. They do, however, push college fairs and application deadlines. They don’t give a healthy alternative to make money without a college degree.

After many seniors are accepted into college, they still have more hoops and payments to jump through. There are scholarships, packing, loans, housing and roommate assignment. The list never ends. Neither does the money flow.

That is too much stress for anyone who does not wish to go to college or is unsure.

There are alternatives to college that can get someone just as far in life. There is tradesman school which allows a more hands on education and offers certifications. There is also the ability to volunteer and find something applicable to you. This is a great way to find connections and a good paying job. There is entrepreneurship which allows a high school student to be creative and make money directly.

There is also the option to enlist. After you serve your duty, you are provided free college. Military allows more time to figure out what you would like to do.

There is more pressure than ever on students to know what they want to do by the time they are 18-years-old. Every parent wants their child to succeed but there is different options than the pressure of college.


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