College Club First Meeting


College Club held their first meeting on Thursday, Sept. 3 at 8:55 a.m. The meeting was about five minutes long and introduced the members to the club.

Co-Founder Peter Leonard and five other seniors attended the meeting. While Leonard is technically the sole founder, it is said that everyone in the club is both the co-president and the co-founder.

The real purpose of the club seems to just have something to impress college admissions counselors. “Well, the goals of the club are limited just by our imagination,” Leonard said. “Cure world hunger, bring peace to the middle east, I guess really anything that looks good on an app.”

Future meetings are to be determined. “We plan to meet whenever necessary. Possibly once a week, or month or solely at reunions. We shall see what the times hold,” Leonard said.IMG_6716 IMG_6721

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