Clinton’s Path to 270-Important States


The 2016 election is finally coming to an end with a past couple of weeks of eye raising headlines. From Donald Trump’s leaked audio tapes, and to the FBI’s re-opening of Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin’s emails (and to the recent conclusion on Sunday from the FBI that there has been no foul play), Clinton still maintains a solid edge to an electoral victory. There is still a lot that can happen in the next 24 hours, but all we can do now is to look at the past week’s presidential polls of the top swing states.

With the results below, Clinton looks to get an easy path to 270 votes, since she only needs Colorado, in which she has a lead in all 10 significant polls, New Hampshire in which she holds a lead in all of the top 3 polls from, and Maine’s 3 electoral votes from the congressional district, where Clinton holds a lead in all the top 10 polls from 538. This would give her a meager 272 to 266 win in the electoral college, even if she loses North Carolina and Florida. 

Below are the polls of the states that can turn the election for either candidate.

Florida Polls :

Likely winner from the top 3 polls- Clinton (according to

Quinnipiac University:

Sample of 884 likely voters 

Adjusted Leader: Clinton +2 from last week


Sample of 1188 Registered Voters

Clinton and Trump are tied. 


Sample of 2352 likely voters.

Adjusted Leader: Trump +3, same as of last week.


North Carolina Polls:

Likely winner- Clinton (according to

Siena College: 

Sample of 800 likely voters

Adjusted leader: Trump +1, (polled from last week)

Quinnipiac University:

Sample of 870 likely voters

Adjusted leader: Clinton +3, (polled from Nov. 3-6)

Public Policy Polling:

Sample of 1,169 likely Voters

Adjusted leader: Clinton +1, (polled from Nov. 1-3)


New Hampshire:

Likely winner- Clinton (according to

University of New Hampshire 

Sample of 692 Likely Voters

Adjusted leader: Clinton +10 (Polled from Nov. 3-6)

Emerson College

Sample of 1000 likely voters

Adjusted leader: Clinton +4 (polled from Nov. 3-6)

Public Policy Polling

Sample of 781 Likely Voters

Adjusted Leader: Clinton +5 (polled from Oct. 31-Nov. 1)


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