Chaos for Kaios


Four months is all it took for senior Tyler Neyland to take a design and turn it into a full fledged clothing company, Kaios Klothing.

Neyland first started doing graphic design in the summer of 2014.

“I used to make cover arts for musicians,” Neyland said. “I tried making money off of it summer of sophomore year. It grew from there, learning different softwares and learning what works best.”

In the two years since his first interest in design, Neyland has expanded from cover arts to clothing.

“I’ve always had a knack for clothing.” Neyland said. “One day I came up with Kaios. It was gonna be Kaios cover arts, actually, but I liked the logo too much to just put it on cover art. I put it on a t-shirt and start selling it.”

Kaios Klothing launched Nov. 1, 2015 and has grown exponentially since then. The company has over 28,000 followers on Twitter.

“We build up a decent amount of capital so we can spend a decent amount on marketing each day. It’s also [important] targeting who you’re marketing to so for us it’s Colorado especially. We are expanding to LA and trying to hit the big cities and grow with brand ambassadors.” Neyland said.

With such expansive marketing, Kaios Klothing has been able to sell items ranging from short sleeves to windbreakers worldwide. Neyland, as well as other designers and musicians, team up to release new items.

“I’ll come up with an idea and sketch it. I’ll do a rough copy on my phone and convert it over to Photoshop and clean it up a little bit. For signature collections, the musicians and designers that we work with send us some ideas.” Neyland said. “I have my graphic designer use Wacom 2s Pro, a sketchpad for the computer, and they sketch it out on that. Then we get it imaged, slap it on a shirt and send it over to our printer, Superior Inc.”

Neyland describes Kaios as a “premium, urban clothing line inspired from the overwhelming natural beauties of Colorado and the free culture it supports.”

Originally Neyland was inspired by brands like Supreme, Stussy and HUF.

“They use culture to inspire their clothing. They take everyday trends and change them a little bit. Supreme’s the guy that never says anything but the one time he does it’s like the coolest thing anyone ever says. That’s something I want to do with my brands,” Neyland said.

Kaios uses their popularity to benefit charities as well. They are planning on doing charity collections for Wish Week, the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the ASPCA. Kaios also raised $1,000 for the Herman family by selling shirts.

“I felt like he was such a big impact in this community, in the Vista community especially, a lot of people knew him.” Neyland said. “ We wanted to do everything we could to start up a college fund for his kids.”

Neyland has a lot planned for the future for his four-month-old company, including doing events at ski resorts.


Senior Tyler Neyland (third from left) poses with fellow Kaios Klothing models.

“I want to make people go ‘oh wow’ and stand out,” Neyland said, “not just try to be another every day brand.”

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