REVIEW: Channel 93.3’s Not So Silent Night


Channel 93.3’s annual winter concert, Not So Silent Night, took place Friday, Dec. 5 featuring performances from the Hometown for the Holidays winner Modern Suspects, Canadian band Half Moon Run, rising star Vance Joy, the legendary Fitz and thIMG_4092e Tantrums and finally, Cage the Elephant.

Opening up for the night, Modern Suspects tried to pump up the crowd but wasn’t very successful. Everyone seemed more intrigued by what they were expecting to come than what was right in front of them.

After taking the stage for a set that didn’t seem to last more than 20 minutes, the better known alternative band Half Moon Run took the stage for the same, fairly short amount of time. Still, in what seemed like less than a half of an hour, they managed to get the crowd up and excited while playing their hit, that’s constantly heard on KTCL’s station, “Call Me in the Afternoon.”

Vance Joy was next to follow and he was, up to that point, the highlight of the night. After seeing him at the Bluebird, his performance was surprisingly good. He bonded well with the crowd in all of his songs, even the ones not everyone knew.

At one point of his performance, the entirety of the 1st Bank Center lit up with lighters and phone cameras or flashlights. Joy pointed out it was one of the most beautiful things he’d ever seen, adding he’d never witnessed anything like it before.

About an hour after beginning his performance Joy left the stage to prepare for Fitz and the Tantrums. When they took the stage the crowd was at its peak, and it remained there for the rest of the night.

On the floor level it would be easy to say they had everyone dancing and singing along to almost every song they played. Noelle Scaggs, the co-leader singer-songwriter for the band, had the most charismatic personality and best on-stage character of any one who performed throughout the night.

Scaggs and Michael Fitzpatrick (the lead singer) dominated the stage and provided an impressive performance. With songs like “The Walker” and “More Than Just a Dream” the environment of the concert venue was almost unreal.

Following the departure of the Fitz the crowd awaited the anticipated arrival of Cage the Elephant. When Matt Shultz (lead vocals) and the rest of the band was finally up, it made the stage presence of all past bands seem minimal.

Shultz is known to go a little crazy on stage, whether he’s cross-dressing or walking across the crowd, so the night may have been a little calm compared to his usual antics. Still, it’s surprising Shultz made it off stage without whiplash or a concussion after how energetic he wasduring his performance.

As they abandoned the stage the crowd was still going wild. The chants encouraged Cage the Elephant to return for one last song, and one last much wanted crowd surf, ending with one of their earlier hits from 2009 “Back Against the Wall.”

Photo Credits: Kelsey Pharis

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