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FBLA Informational Meeting for All Members

Future Business Leaders of America will be holding their first meeting in Mr. Kinder’s classroom (U511) on Thursday, Aug. 28 during SOAR starting at 8:30 a.m. The meeting will be for both new and returning members to discuss what the club will accomplish in the next several months. Both new and returning members will receive […]

Senior Chaos

      |ANTONIA FORNARO| It is the last first day of high school for the class of 2015. A year of preparation for everything that follows this year of football games, senior prom, and graduation has begun and students are becoming aware of the stress and expectations needing to be met in order to […]

Parking Problems

KAITLIN ZENONI   “It’s a mess,” security guard Toby Vigil said.   Today is the first day students are required to follow a new system of assigned parking. While adjusting to school may take time for students, security is not giving students any leniency on parking. “We have already started ticketing today and we are […]



6 Words, 6 Perspectives

We asked 6 people to describe what coming back to school was like with 6 words. These are their responses. Charlie Friedman, 11: It is going to be exhausting.                         Annale Beran, 12: One more year, one more year.           […]

Returning Peer Internships

REAGAN FITZKE/TORI SOPER/GABE RODRIGUEZ Another school year comes another semester of Peer Intern. Junior Hannah Murphy and sophomore Sean Peralta are in second period together. “I was a peer intern last year,” Murphy said. “I joined again because it was amazing. I had so much fun meeting with all of the students and it was […]