Auburn Softball: Changing the Game

SAVANAH HOWARD From home plate to center field the distance is usually 200 feet on a softball field, from home to third a distance of 60 feet. Being in such close proximity spells trouble for those not paying attention in the field with a potential 80 mile per hour ball hurling towards them. On the […]

MM Music Festival

2016 NCCA March Madness Music Festival

In spirit of March Madness (MM), April 1-3 MM will be hosting a music festival where major acts will be performing. Held at Discovery Green Park in Houston, Texas, this non-ticket event is open to the public on a first come-basis. Unable to make it? The music festival will be live streaming concerts throughout the […]


UPDATE: Kesha’s Court Battle

Despite her loss in court Feb. 19 to music producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, there may be hope for singer Kesha. Sony Music is rumored to consider dropping Dr. Luke a year earlier than his contract expiration due to the controversy surrounding him and Kesha. Kesha signed with Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe records in 2005 and […]


Columbine Mom Speaks Up

LAUREN LIPPERT Over the last 17 years, school shootings have become a popular recurrence. It all started with Columbine, which forever changed the world. In a recent 20/20 episode on ABC Susan Klebold, the mother of Columbine gunman Dylan Klebold, speaks for the first time on television after nearly two decades since the ‘99 Columbine […]


The Impact of Superdelegates

KATIE PICKRELL Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton currently has 1,221 delegates, accounting for half of what she needs to secure the nomination and beyond doubling Bernie Sanders number of 571. With the way we expect America to run its democracy, most people assume this is because the people of the United States want her to win […]


Attention Seniors Who are College Bound

TARA O’GORMAN Mountain Vista Media is looking to make a map of where all the seniors are going to college or active line of duty. This is a great way to end the year and start another journey in college. Also, it is a way to include every senior that wishes to pursue further education. […]