Therapy Dog Lounge NEWS

//CAITLIN ENGLISH// Since their arrival this past fall, the therapy dogs have been helping the majority of Vista’s students relieve their stress in a fun and relaxing manner on a daily basis. Because of this, there is now a higher demand to access the therapy dogs – which was proven challenging in such a small […]

Uncovering the Real “Jurassic Park”

//CAITLIN ENGLISH// In 1993, screenplay, writer and director Steven Spielberg released “Jurassic Park”, which later became a cult classic and raised interest in the modern study of dinosaur life. As scientists continue to study some of the oldest creatures on Earth, they take chances in order to stumble across discoveries that can further develop the […]

REVIEW: How Will President Trump Affect Global Security

This past Thursday, Feb. 16, there was a panel discussion by Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL) at the University of Denver concerning the effect that Donald Trump will have on national and global security. It was a lively discussion, leaving many questions, but answering just as many. The talk was moderated by Samuel J. Rascoff, […]

NASA Discovers the Unknown

//CAITLIN ENGLISH// Contrary to popular belief, NASA’s latest discovery is not just dust on the telescope lens. Announced on Weds., NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has unveiled the first known system of seven Earth-size planets that revolve around a single star; much like the Milky Way. Three of these newly discovered planets are located in the […]

Influenza A Rapidly Spreads in U.S. Schools

//ANDIE SRDOC// The flu is spreading like wildfire throughout the country. Students are getting sick and continuing to attend school, which in turn affects their classmates, causing schools across America to close due to outbreaks. Nurse Mary Evensen sent an email to the staff stating that “Influenza A is hitting hard, many students and staff […]

OPINION: Bees vs. Drones

//CAITLIN ENGLISH// In nature, pollination is a very important aspect of life for organisms that benefit from it like bees and plants. But in the near future, as one steps outside to water their flowers, they might not just hear the buzzing of bees, but the whirring of drones in their place. Within a hive, […]

Ben Affleck to Leave Batman?

//DAVID ROBINSON// Ben Affleck’s recent film “Live By Night” (2016) bombed at the box office, which caused a $75 million loss for Warner Brothers (WB). Affleck reportedly experienced a “crisis of confidence” after “Live By Night””s failure and doubted whether or not he could direct and star in a big-budget superhero movie. In the end, […]