Broncos v. Panthers Preview

//Lexi Weingardt//

After months of preseason training and games, football season is finally here. For the Broncos first game of the season, they will play the South Carolina Panthers.

The Broncos play at home tonight and the game will be broadcast at 6:30 p.m. on NBC. Tonight’s game is highly anticipated, primarily because it is a toss up as to who will win.

According to an article published by the Denver Post, “Cam Newton’s dual-threat capability, combined with power back Jonathan Stewart for Carolina, presents an unusual challenge for Denver.”

However, given the fact that the Broncos have a track record of beating the unbeatable, it would be naive to discount them. They proved themselves to be unstoppable when playing in Super Bowl 50 where they defeated the Panthers.

With expectations and tensions high, the game will be a great start to the season.

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