“Breaking Dawn Part 2” Review

Stephenie Meyers has captivated millions of teens across the globe with her books. The Twilight Saga has created a movie empire as well. The last movie came out on Nov. 16 at midnight. I decided that going on Nov. 16 would not be a smart move because of the obnoxious crowds and all the waiting in lines. I went a week later and there weren’t many people in the theater, but I still prepared myself for giggling and sighing when Taylor Lautner took off his shirt. My excitement heightened when the lights went down and the movie began. As many remember the last movie ended with Bella becoming a vampire and opening her red eyes. I was happy when the movie started off with that scene it helped connect to the other film.
The overall feel of the movie was great. I liked how they made Bella and Edward so devoted to each other and their daughter. The acting overall was pretty good compared to the first and second movies. I liked the new actors as well they played very convincing, evil bloodsuckers.
The fight scene had to be the best scene, director Bill Condon did a marvelous job. It was climatic and breathtaking with the costumes and the dialogue. The movie to me was a big success. Condon really tied in every part of the book well, he didn’t leave out any major plot lines, which would make any Twilight fan happy.
I would recommend the movie to all teens, it was a thrilling movie with a great twist. I know the other movies weren’t that great and some people won’t go because of the flat emotions and the dry acting, but I am not afraid to say that I am a fan of Breaking Dawn Part 2. Kudos to Condon for making an epic finale.

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