Book Review: Witch and Wizard


James Patterson has done it again with the help of co-author, Gabrielle Charbonnet in his new novel ‘Witch and Wizard’. He has created a book with an amazing concept of a terrible dictator, The One Who is the One, on a crazy witch hunt, which is a fantastic social satire.  The fact that the only ones who can stop him are two siblings who don’t know the power they posses is also great concept. The way Patterson and Charbonnet wrote the prologue made me really want to read the story of the two siblings Whit and Wisty Allgood and their journey.
The story line seems that it will be thorough and thought provoking, but that is not the case. Patterson had a great idea that could have been really good, but he failed to create feeling and depth on the page. Each chapter was short, the tone with which the characters speak is monotone and it seems like Whit and Wisty have no emotions in any situation. When they are captured and sentenced to death Patterson does not describe a single tear or whimper from either of these teens.
Whit and Wisty do in fact have powers though; Wisty can transform humans into animals, levitate and burst into flame. Whit can control weather, has amazing strength and can withstand being shocked by a stun gun. Their powers are cool, but Patterson never really explains if they gain control of these powers. Their powers might be the best part of the book.
The book had amazing promise. The idea was great, but the characters fall short. In one of the chapters Wisty actually gives us a list of all that happened previously in the book. I was surprised that I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I wanted to. I am a big fan of Patterson, but this book was one of his fallouts.

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