Book Club Returns For Another Year

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Book Club is a club for students of all ages who love to read. It is co-sponsored by Julie Jacobs, the school librarian and Kim Cox, the head of the Family and Consumer Studies (FACS) department. The meetings, however, are run by two officers who are students at the school.

The officers this year are juniors Ejemen Eichie and Isabella Algiene who have been a part of book club since freshman year. “I’ve participated for the past three years,” said Eichie, “and now I’m an officer, which is really cool.”

They are especially excited about the amount of incoming club members. Last year there were around 15 members, but the first meeting, held on Sept. 1, showed many promising signs. “There were around 30 kids in here discussing books,” said Julie Jacobs. “We won’t know how many will sign up for certain, but it looked good.”

On the first Thursday of every month, the club holds a meeting to discuss what they read in small groups. This month members were given the opportunity to pick any book they were interested in reading. Normally, there are multiple pieces to choose from depending on each individual person’s taste, which in turn forms groups.

Eichie chose “Hush Hush” by Becca Fitzpatrick as her first novel. So far she is completely captured by it, reading it even while traversing through the crowded halls of Mountain Vista. “I’m only on page 38 and I already love it,” Eichie said.

Jacobs is an avid reader and has already blown through two novels: “Devil and the Bluebird” by Jennifer Mason-Black and “How to Hang a Witch” by Adriana Mather. She is also very interested in getting students into the Battle of the Books where high schools from all around get together and screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-3-24-02-pmcompete to see who knows what.

Not only do members get to share their insight on what they have read but they also participate in other activities. Around halloween, students help decorate the library doors, which is where the children stop to take photos at Mountain Vista’s annual “Trick-or-Treat Street.”

In Oct., the club will get together to go to a movie based on a book. This year’s movie of choice is “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”. While the members are not required to read the novel, they are encouraged to read it along with their other readings so that they can discuss their reactions.

According to Eichie, the club consists entirely of girls this year, the two male members having graduated this past year. “Maybe boys are more into sports or something that isn’t so time consuming,” said Eichie.

Book club meets the first Thursday of every month in the library at 8:15 a.m. They provide food and conversation on all things books. On average one book is read per month. Anyone who loves reading should look into participating in this laid-back experience.

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