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“If you don’t support, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, Global warming, you don’t matter.” Well, even though he wasn’t necessarily being serious, I’d have to say Bill O’Reilly, one of Fox News’ star hosts, is partially right.

The Planned Parenthood dilemma is not coherent:

The defunding of Planned Parenthood would, among many other things, deprive 650 thousand women of partial access to health care. In total, Planned Parenthood serves about 2.6 million women, so statistically the cut-off could impact a quarter of all their patients. Of the women affected, the majority would be of low income or rural communities.

Planned-Parenthood-funding-protestCongress chose to defund Planned Parenthood last month as the organization refused to completely stop performing abortions. Before the organization stopped receiving money from the government, it received an average of $450 million a year. Government funding accounts for about one-third of Planned Parenthood’s funding, so the complete cut-off of government resources is not replaceable.

It isn’t necessary to go into what exactly each and every GOP candidate has said about the withdrawal of financial support, but it is notable that not a single one of them went against the idea of hundreds of thousands of women without health care.  Some candidates, among them Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and company, are even in approval of the complete shutdown of the government over such a dilemma.b8d0fa6e4a6b162c482d4524d17cb4f4

In an attempt to understand more of the far conservative side of the argument, I researched the defunding deeper on Fox’s website. “Planned Parenthood isn’t providing a service, they’re killing babies,” their latest article by Brent Bozell read. “We now know they collect and sell infants’ remains without the mother’s knowing,” Bozell continued. “It’s not just inappropriate, it’s immoral.”

Claims such as this provide a slight amount of the argument without appreciating the pro-choice, pro-women’s health care side. The legislation Congress has voted to pass through does a lot more than just defund abortions. Planned Parenthood and its affiliated proved millions of services every year included treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, birth control services, pregnancy tests, breast exams and women’s health checks.

Under current federal laws, tax dollars cannot be used to supply abortions except in cases in which a mother’s life is in danger or the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest. Most of the funding that Planned Parenthood receives from tax dollars is paid through Medicaid, meaning that the majority of the money isn’t going to abortions and can’t go to them in many cases.

Black Lives Matter is not responsible for cop killings:

It seems like when a black individual is shot by a cop, other black individuals are brought to light for doing the same thing. But when any individual shoots a cop in unexcused, immoral and uncalled for backlash (just to be clear that no one deserves to do from gun violence throughout the United States), the blame is pushed to an organization that wields only thoughts and words as weapons.

Bill O’Reilly’s questioning of the movement moved to be inadvertently racist later in his show. He called the organization a “hate group” and underhandedly claimed they held responsibility for the shooting of a cop in Texas.PDs_Protest

Given that there are some crass individuals that claim they themselves fall under the movement Black Lives Matter is following, they do not accurately represent the movement itself. Conservative outlets and cherry-picked media sources may show protests that directly correlate against police, but the aim is to speak out against police brutality.

Black Lives Matter released a statement following the airing of O’Reilly’s episode and many pieces following cop shootings across the nation, stating “[t]he Black Lives Matter network seeks to end the system of policing that allows for unchecked violence against black people. Right-wing portrayals of this as targeting of individual police are deliberate to derail growing public debate about white supremacy, the ongoing epidemic of violence against black people and the need to end institutionalized racism in the policing and criminal-justice systems.”

Basically, calling for the end of police violence isn’t calling for the end of a policing system, and especially doesn’t call for the end of any police life.

Global warming is not a hoax hoax:

We have now already built an enormous human infrastructure on the climate of the Earth, so, yes, it’s going to be an issue when the temperature increases.

Places of notable famine are not going to benefit from mild winters that supplement temperature increase. Instead, the rainfall that the crops rely on will become less predictable and overall production of food will decrease.

Aside from the fact that the vegetation we use for our food supply is not going to withstand any drastic temperature changes, it’s important to note that human population is growing at aarticle-2217286-02776F30000004B0-33_634x371 rapid rate–particularly in low-lying coastal zones that are already susceptible to flooding. If sea levels continue to rise, cities will more or less continue to sink and populations will continue to become more dense.

This being said, some of the poorest countries in the world are going to be the ones that suffer. For international well being, it is important to appreciate and act upon global warming.

But, of course, none of the points mentioned matter to an individual with no belief in the science behind climate change. Contrary to the denial, though, a group of propaganda driven scientists are probably not out taking false measurements of Greenland’s ice cap or fabricating data of fish migration to higher latitudes.

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