BLOG: You Should Own an American Bulldog



I am personally the proud owner of a three year old American Bulldog named Isabella, but we just call her Izzy. Everyone should own an American Bulldog because of their unique personality, easy grooming, strong body and much more.


My dog Izzy has a very special skill that not every dog has, when she sees you or meets a new person her dog wags so much that it makes her whole body wag. One time when we had to board Izzy while we went on vacation, when we picked her up she had a big cone on her head and a bandage wrapped around her tail. They told us this was because every time someone walked past her crate she would wag her tail so much that it got cut on the side of the cage.


Another thing that gives Izzy an unique personality is what she does when she hears a weird noise or just wants to mess with you. What happens is that she sits up and tilt her head as if she was judging you.


Izzy is a short haired dog, which gives her a soft coat and makes her easy to be groomed. She likes to be brushed and doesn’t mind getting a bath, and plus the drying process is a breeze.


Izzy’s muscular body gives off the impression that she could be a vicious dog, but once you meet her you will quickly find out she is one of the biggest snugglers out there.
I absolutely love my American Bulldog, Izzy, and would definitely recommend that everyone gets an American Bulldog.

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