BLOG: Yikes


GOP front runner Donald Trump recently made remarks stating that all Muslims should be halted from entering the United States “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,” according to a campaign press release.

The White House dismissed the remarks as un-American and stated that the proposal is entirely against the nation’s values.

What’s scary about this is the fact that every time Trump says something of the like, many people think “This has to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. There’s no way people could agree with this,” while a wave of his supporters fire back, “Hell yeah! Someone finally said it!”

Odds are, Trump supporters aren’t fans of President Barack Obama. The remarks about barring all Muslim individuals came only a day after Obama address to the nation in which he pleaded that the United States not “turn against one another,” adding that “freedom is more powerful than fear.”

Instead of listening to sensible remarks that promote religious tolerance, many of Trump’s supporters seek out a harsher point of view– which is why many find solace in his prejudice remarks.


A ban on a single religion is a form of religious persecution, something many original Americans sought to escape.

Beneath the banner of current freedoms in America lies freedom of religion. If access into the country is banned based upon a peaceful religious ideology, the idea of freedom is undermined.

In my opinion, Trump went too far in his presidential announcement when he called Mexicans criminals and rapists. I’m just waiting for everyone else to catch on to how negative his comments truly are so we don’t have to listen to them dominate the mainstream media for much longer.

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