BLOG: Will the Sheriff retire?



As a kid, I grew up bleeding orange and blue. I had a dad that would scream at the television whether it was a good or bad play, a mom that cooked nachos or wings every Sunday, my get up on Bronco sunday is a Broncos hat, shirt, pants and socks. So I guess you could say I’m a Broncos fan.


I was born in the year 1998 and have lived through seven quarterbacks. I got the end of Elway’s 1983-1998 career, Brian Griese 1999-2002, Jake Plummer 2003-2006, Jay Cutler 2007-2008, Kyle Orton 2009-2010, Tim Tebow 2011 and Peyton Manning 2012-2015.


Personally, in 2012 I was super excited that we were going to get the Peyton Manning, a five-time league MVP and Super Bowl XLI winner. You could say I considered Manning to be a legend and was pumped for him to be apart of the Denver Broncos because after we had Tim Tebow the team needed a savior.


When Manning joined it took him time to get used to a new offense, new team and a new franchise but after he got the swing of things he broke record after record. Currently Manning is the holder of 21 NFL records.


The 2015-2016 season for Peyton Manning will be one to remember. At the beginning of the season many thought this could be it. Bronco fans across the nation were hoping for a Super Bowl 50 win both for their team, but also so Manning could be the only starting quarterback to hold two Super Bowl titles with two different franchises. The talk of the sheriff retiring really started to ignite at Media Day, before Super Bowl 50. Everyone asked Manning, “Will this be it?” But Manning stuck to his guns and told everyone he was thinking about retiring and that he didn’t want to release any decision yet.


After the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 Peyton announced that he was planning to spend some time with his family, think about his decision and drink lots of Budweiser. When all the rustle from the Super Bowl cleared many news stories broke that Manning was planning to retire and announce this week, but later to only find out Manning had revoked the statement and announced he had not made a decision yet.


Peyton Manning,

You are a terrific quarterback and will be one to go down in history. I thank you for what you did for the Broncos and giving the Bronco fans the Super Bowl 50 title, but Manning I think that your time has come. Why not accept the Super Bowl win and retire? I think you and I both know you plan to retire, but you are just holding out. You seriously are one of the best quarterbacks, but go enjoy your retirement and drink lots of Budweiser.



Bronco fans everywhere

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