BLOG: Why Every High Schooler Should Caddie


Caddying is the perfect job for a teenager who is in shape or wishes to get in shape. It isn’t driving a golf cart like most first think of, but rather carrying golf bags on your back for a few hours. As tough as that may seem, it is the least to be concerned about. 

There is no golf experience required; the only requirement is a teenager who is willing to learn. Golf may not seem like an area most would want to work in, but it is the most enjoyable experience I have ever had.

These are the five top reasons why every high schooler should caddie.

  1. Easy Cash:

There are few other jobs that pays better for a high schooler, especially since it is all cash. It is better than working a minimum wage job. As a caddie, there is a base rate depending on what level of caddie you are then you work hard for your tip. On average, most “B” caddies make fifty dollars a game.

  1. You can work as a 14 or 15-year-old:

Most teenagers would like to work before they turn 16- year-old. There are few other jobs apart from Windcrest that allows teenagers to start working as young as 14-years-old. This is a great way to practice a good work ethic at an early age. The beginning age just depends on the country club.

  1. Great workout:

There is no other summer job that allows you to enjoy the sun as well as walking around a golf course for 15,000 steps. It’s an easy way to get in shape and you would get a natural tan.

  1. The Ability to Qualify for a Full Ride Scholarship:

If your family is in financial need, you have good grades, great leadership skills and a good caddie record then you could qualify for a full ride scholarship to the University of Colorado at Boulder through the Evans Scholarship. It is a very competitive scholarship, but either way you make great money on the golf course.

  1. Meet Great People:

Many people has an assumption that rich people are rude, but they are some of the nicest people that you will ever meet.Mike_Weir-La_Tempête_01 They want to see teenagers succeed. There are also a ton of people that will help you out with letter of recommendations or resources, along with some famous figures.
There is no other job better than caddying. You Might as well fill out an application and submit it to any country club with a strong caddie program. It is a job that every teenager should experience. 

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