BLOG: Why Are We Still Asking if Obama’s Muslim?


Even though he was elected into office back in 2008, I still receive snippets of mail from family members to inform me of the Islamic infiltration of the presidential administration of Barack Obama.

For the most part, they’re stories that I forget about soon after seeing them and push into the trash without reading. However, in light of the new Muslim “problem” facing two of the top polling GOP candidates, I decided it isn’t an issue that I can just push to the side any longer.

Reading through the pamphlets, there’s a lot of information on secret directives pertaining only to the White House. Because they’re secret operations, no one can comment to say exactly what is going on. After trying to research the matter, I could only keep coming across the same article. The only other source I found states the directive is for “political reform in the Middle East and North Africa,” but that’s probably wrong. Consequently, Obama must be working with the Muslim Brotherhood.

How could he not be? It isn’t as if he hasn’t launched more military operations over predominantly Muslim countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen) than any president ever. The confirmed killings of more than 3,000, many of which account for al Qaeda leadership, due to drone strikes over the countries also means nothing, as Obama must have unwavering support to the Brotherhood.

But, in actuality, our president has, as of now, launched twice as many strikes on Muslim countries than predecessing presidents such as George W, Bush. Still, 43 percent of Republicans seem to think the POTUS is indeed a Muslim. In light of Donald Trump’s inability to deny Obama’s “not even American” religious affiliation, it’s also important to note that more than half of Trump’s supporters agree that Obama has ties to the Islamic religion.

So, let’s say that for argument’s sake, Obama is a Muslim. Now what? Does that all of the sudden mean he’s a bad president? After passing healthcare reform, stimulus acts and Wall Street regulations, after bringing down dictatorial leaders such as Osama bin Laden, Hosni Mubarak and Moammar Gaddafi, after reversing torture policies, boosting fuel efficiency standards, repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” after overseeing the biggest strides for the LGBT community, expanding hate crime protections and supporting free trade.

Does being a Muslim now make Obama un-american? I understand that claim has been made as well, but now it’s almost seeming as if the two are synonymous.

Everyone has their constitutional right to religious freedom, future presidents included. Trump and Ben Carson alike both fell out of line in stating that any Muslim is out of the question in terms of political power, especially considering that the base for such Islamophobia is completely uncalled for.

Christian, atheist, Muslim, Jewish or whatever else an individual may be shouldn’t matter. At this point in time, we should be past the point of religious intolerance that would question each and every individual based upon their religious affiliation. As long as you respect and care for the United States, your right to serve it in a political position should be equal regardless of what god(s) you pray to.

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