BLOG: Visit to Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate

As a close friend and myself found ourself close to downtown Denver, we completed a dream of ours. It sounds strange in today’s age, we actually competed a dream. A small one, but none the less something we both wanted to do before our lives were over. For my friend, junior Evan Forrest, it meant the world.

It happened like this. We found ourselves with nothing to do in Infinity Park, Glendale, where I had just finished covering a rugby game. I asked her if she wanted to head into downtown to do anything before we had to head back to the Ranch. She thought for a moment, before she remembered how she read about this cathedral in Denver. Never being to a religious grounds before, it was a dream of hers to go. I readily agreed, and while she drove I navigated.

A few almost wrong turns and a couple angry drivers later, we found ourselves at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. As we entered the cathedral, we were greeted by the warm scent of herbs and beautiful stained glass windows towering above us. The place was sparse of people, save for a missionary in the back. Evan and I sat down in a left side pew, before the cruciform shaped Cathedral Basilica, which towered over us at 195 feet by 116 feet. Evan was all but shaking with excitement as she sat in the cathedral, as the realization of her dream was coming true.

IMG_0641 copy

A moment later, a staff member came up to us and introduced himself as Christopher. He proceeded to tell us about the history of the cathedral. Christopher explained that the 75 stained glass windows surrounding us were the only ones in the world left by German artist F.X Zettler, who died along with most of his art in World War II.

FullSizeRender1 copy

Christopher offered to take us up to the choir loft. We readily agreed, and were led up a cast iron spiral staircase on the side of the cathedral where we stood in the choir loft above pews. We saw the cathedral from a perspective few ever see. Behind us was a Kimball 3,000 pipe organ. Christopher then proceeded to take us up further to the second balcony, where we were privileged to overlook Denver from the side of the cathedral.

IMG_0635 copy

We had arrived at just the right time of day where the sun shone in every stained glass window. It was an amazing experience I was blessed to share with my close friend. It was a dream I can cross off my bucket list. A small one, but a dream none the less. 

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