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I have been skiing many times at multiple mountains, but I haven’t gotten the chance to ever ski at Keystone. So over the weekend I grabbed some skis and jumped into the car with my cousins and we headed up to Keystone.


My first impression of the resort was that they gave a lot of special treatment to families. There is a special parking lot in the front reserved for families or for cars with four or more people in them.


This is a very good idea because it encourages people to carpool which provides more parking spots. The other advantage that families have is to skip the line at the first gondola. When we first walked up and saw the huge line waiting to get on the gondola , it was a little depressing, but when we found out that as a family we could skip the line and get right on the gondola our day got better.


While we were one the gondola we got to hear some pretty cool stories from the other skiers on the lift. One guy told us about how he was skiing one time and went off a cliff which took out both of his knees. This led him to have to crawl down the trail to meet back up with his friends. This skier didn’t let this incident stop him from doing something he loves, but now he has to wear two knee braces to keep his knees in place.


One of the coolest things I saw while skiing was  the snow makers. I knew that many resorts make snow but I have never gotten the chance to see it in action. It was weird to be under where it was “snowing” while it was sunny outside.


Another great feature that Keystone has is its own snow fort that is equipped with slides, mazes and fun times. This was really amazing to see because the fort was designed as a castle and was really huge.

Keystone was a fun place to ski and I would definitely ski there again.


Below is a link that you can click on to watch some GoPro videos I took while skiing.

Keystone 2016

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