BLOG: The Start of Something New


We’ve got some massive issues here in the United States. Among them– our unemployment record.

5.1 percent? False, at least in leading GOP candidate Donald Trump’s world. “We have a false 5.4, 5.6, 5.3 [percent]. Every month it’s different,” Trump said. “It’s such a phoney number.”

Many Americans may agree with that. After all, it’s almost impossible to account for all of the unemployed adults in America. Many unemployment statistics are flawed as individuals can only rely on unemployment assistance for so long before their benefits are restricted. Some employed Americans also struggle to find full employment and work few hours a week, meaning they don’t have the opportunity to make enough money to sustain themselves without some governmental assistance.

Research has placed the real number, which includes ‘underemployed’ Americans, at  around 10 percent. That’s not enough for a big shot like Mr. Trump, though.

“I’ve seen numbers of 24 percent,” Trump claimed. “I actually saw a number of 42 percent,” he followed up with only moments later after changing his mind.

It isn’t that Trump doesn’t know that the unemployment rate (currently projected at the lowest number in seven years, 5.1 percent) is actually far from his double-digit guesstimates, he just thinks that the range of about 5 percent is “the biggest joke there is in this country.”

Where exactly is Trump gaining his omniscient knowledge? Actual employment records, of course.

In many households, particularly throughout suburbia, one parent works and one stays at home. That scenario would, for Trump, provide a 50 percent unemployment rate. Many Americans under the age of 15 also don’t work, as in many places they aren’t allowed to. Putting that into consideration, Trump should raise his outputs by a few more percentage points, at least 27 to be exact.

So, stay at home parents and students included, our country is nearing 70 percent unemployment– it’s all coming together now. Who’s going to fix this mess? Clearly not Obama, he rose unemployment past 40 percent according to Trump’s intellect.

So, who is it?

Who is our knight in shining armor that will bless our economy with prosperity and job creation?

Just as the thought crossed my mind, Trump asked the audience why it was he was doing so well. He wasn’t actually curious, the man has an answer for everything.

“People are tired of political speak,” Trump claimed. He is the one to take us away from it– he is what the country needs.

Maybe, even though Trump said he’s going to make Mexico build the wall, an infrastructure job such as the recreation of the West Barrier along our southern border will create the 129 million jobs Trump says we need.

In actuality, though, I have no clue what he was trying to say throughout his most recent tax proposal speech. It was along the lines of ‘if you’re looking for a job, you’re technically employed.’ There was a lot of ‘you know what I’m talking about’ thrown in– but I actually don’t know what he’s talking about, and I’m not entirely sure he does either.

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