BLOG: The Boogeyman A.K.A The ACT


As the ACT rapidly approaches many students are beginning to prepare/cramming for one of the biggest tests will ever take in their life. Along with the preparing comes many nightmares about the ACT.  Some students are able to not prepare at all for the ACT and still get a good score. My parents have told me, I am not one of those students.


I am currently enrolled in a two hour ACT class twice a week and will have taken four practice ACT tests before the actual test date on April 9.


The ACT is an exhausting and frightening test that includes a 45 minute English section, 60 minute Math section, 35 minute reading section and a 35 minute science section. This is a grand total of two hours and 55 minutes. The reading and English section of the ACT is what really brings my ACT score up, while the Math and science section bring me down. Plus I think the English and reading sections of the test are the easiest, so I use that to my advantage.


Lots of students have test anxiety and then there are the students that just have anxiety about the ACT. I mean the ACT is a little frighting, its a long test that covers various topics and gives you a score that determines what colleges you can get into. The trick to getting a good score is to not let it scare you. Don’t be afraid of the ACT, make the ACT scared of you!


Personally I just want to get a good score and just be done with this test.  I’m tired of taking practice tests, answering thousands of practice questions and practicing bubbling. I don’t want to have to this test hanging above my head for months, I’m ready to move onto the next chapter in my life.


A good thing about the ACT is that you can take it over and over again until you get the score you want, as long as you have the money to pay for the test. So if the first time you take the actual test and don’t get the score you were hopping for, don’t fret, just take the test again.
As of right now I am registered for the April 9, and the April 19 test. Hopefully I can get a good enough score between these two dates so that I can stop having all of the terrible nightmares the ACT brings me every night.

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