BLOG: Suburban Snobs – Spring Break

L.A. Detour:


Spring Break is everyone’s favorite break, (aside from summer break of course). It is when the final snow melts away to get everyone in the perfect mood for spring.

Not this year. This year, mother nature dumped on us. This would’ve been fine if we didn’t have plans. Personally, I was supposed to be in Los Angeles for a five day dance excursion. The morning of my departure, my flight was cancelled.

By noon on Wednesday, March 23, the Denver International Airport (DIA) had shut down due to a power outage and did not accept any arrival or departure flights until 7:00p.m. that night. In total, there were over 1,300 flights cancelled and many could not be rescheduled until 24 hours later at best.

Looks like my California trip will have to wait another 63 days until summer vacation. As for now, it’s back to school in my sweaters until some of that sunshine moves east.




In anticipation for the coming blizzard, my family and I left on Tuesday of Spring Break. Thankfully, the snowstorm didn’t hit until Wednesday, as predicted, and by that time I was walking around the Arizona State University (ASU) campus in 80 degree weather.

I toured two of the five ASU colleges during my time in Arizona, the downtown campus and the Tempe campus. Both campuses were very nice, the journalism school at the downtown campus was especially impressive. However, I preferred the Tempe campus because it is the main campus. A large portion of the majors offered by ASU are located at this campus. All the sports fields are located on this campus as well.

While in Arizona, my family and I rented a house in a cute little suburb called Johnson’s Ranch. The little community had golf, frisbee golf, several soccer, baseball, and football fields, tennis courts, pools and much more all for free!

My family is pretty active and we definitely took advantage of all the different sports you could play at the Ranch. We also went to the pool several times to tan and hang out in the water.

Overall, this trip was exactly what I needed, relaxing and peaceful.

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