BLOG: Stop Talking (all) Trump


It seems that I’m not the only political writer that has a strange affinity with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

CNN, Fox, NBC, Breitbart, the Post, the Times– you name them, they name him. He clogs up news outlets like he’s fatty political food lingering around on the verge of causing a heart attack for the political system.

He’s scared away liberals with his policy, moderates with his crassness and even Republicans with his comments towards heroes of the party such as John McCain and George W. Bush. Despite this, his fan base expands quicker than anyone else’s when looking at the polls.

Trump is facing the statistical success because his burst is yet to fade out. Every time things quiet down, someone else rises above. It’s then that Trump says something to once again piss off his competitors and their supporters.

The only individuals that genuinely find Trump to be the almighty of the 2016 race are one of three things: rich, unknowledgable or flat out crazy.

The most notable characteristic of the three, though, is crazy. He says the same crazy things that crazy people say to reassure them.

Those who believe that the Mexican government is exporting criminals to the United States, those who believe that scientists lie about climate change to advance their own political agendas, those who believe that everyone in their presence is unconsciously attracted to them– they’re the ones Trump proves right.

An individual like him doesn’t deserve to take the coverage away from people who want to change this country for the better. Things need to be reprioritized in terms of how the media covers this year’s election– and Trump shouldn’t be the headline of nearly every article.

That being said, this won’t be my final publication regarding Trump, but it is notable that the hype around him in the public and in the media gives him way more credit than he’s worth.

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