BLOG: Silver linings of Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is almost over and I can’t complain. Even with being single there are so many great things about this made up holiday that makes card and candy companies millions of dollars.

As an only child I will admit that I am a little spoiled in the fact that every year I get flowers from my dad so I don’t feel left out, but I have seen on a multitude of snapchat stories that girls are getting flowers and candy from either friends or dads single or not.

There are so many good things about this day that get overshadowed so I figured why not shed light on these less thought of silver linings to V-Day.

Obviously if you are lucky enough to be in a relationship, you can spend the entire day with your partner doing fun coupley things without being shamed. For couples it is almost like a second anniversary with how much each party does for the other. Although it usually seems as though a man is doing more for his girlfriend than the girl does for her boyfriend, it does not mean it must always be that way. My mom gets just as much for my dad as my dad gets for my mom and I don’t think that affects their relationship at all.

If you are like me, single, Valentine’s Day offers so many different options as to what to do and when to do them. Binge watching a show on Netflix or watching as many romantic comedies as you physically can is completely acceptable because it is all that is on TV.

There is also the fact that most people have great friends or parents who give them V-Day gifts. Candy, flowers, stuffed animals, all fun gifts that even if given by a friend is much appreciated. That also causes for no awkward tension between friends if one gives a gift and the other does not.

Lastly is the fact that after the 24 hours of love and emotion from people all over the world, the chocolate candy that wasn’t sold all goes on sale. It is basically an award you can give yourself if you’re single for making it through another holiday alone — and it’s on sale. Not much is better than discounted Valentine’s Day candy.

So for those of you who hate this fake holiday and see no good in it, there is so much good, and chocolate.

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