BLOG: Senioritis

The senioritis has hit. Only three months into my final school year and I have no desire to wake up or even show up to half my classes.

Who knew any of this would be so hard? I feel like I am drowning in my own sorrow of senior year.

How am I supposed to finish homework when I don’t even have the drive to finish the last episode of whatever series I am binge watching on Netflix?

Even with a minimal amount of homework that takes no effort to complete, I find myself taking hours to finish it. I will admit that this is from my lack of focus due to of my slight obsession with the Internet, but it is just too much.

I can barely finish this single blog post because of how tired I am all the time. While writing this I find myself staring off into space thinking about what life would be like if I lived in the future. Or I contemplate what invention I will create so I can be done with school.

I haven’t even told you all the worst part… I have college applications due and I am trying to be accepted into college to have a future. How am I supposed to be accepted into college if I fail my senior year because I sleep in every class? The exhaustion mixed with the stress of college makes this disease even worse.

There is only one temporary cure to this disease and it is coffee or caffeine. I know it is unconventional and not recognized by the Food and Drug Administration or the Center for Disease Control as a true cure, but trust me it helps.

Senioritis is a true disease and once one senior gets it, we all get it. I must not be the first one, nor will I be the last one to contract this terrible disease.

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