BLOG: This is Me!

My name is Kit Miller and I am the editor of the Vista Now website and Periphas – our literary magazine.

I am involved with the media program because I love telling stories, especially the quirky, never-before-written ones. I love those kinds of stories even more when they’re true. There’s something about hearing an above-the-odds story that gets my fire burning. Journalism allows me to do what I love most and share my passion with others.

I was on staff for a year and then I was offered the opportunity to become an editor. I said ‘no’. I loved journalism, but it wasn’t something I saw myself doing as a career. Everything I ever do is carefully planned to give me the best chance of success after high school. I’ve known where I want to go to college since I was in 4th grade and I’ve known what I want to study even longer. The way I approached my hobbies was: “Remember this passion for later. You can pursue your personal interests after college.”

That was until I went to Denver.

In the spring of 2015 I went to the National Journalism Education Association (JEA) Convention in Denver. I heard presentations from keynote speakers, went to workshops and participated in a write-off competition. I was awarded Superior – the highest award possible – in my Literary Magazine: Poetry write-off competition. I was incredibly happy.

The lessons I learned in Denver are some of the most important I’ve ever learned. While hard work is important, having fun is important too. I was surrounded by a family that loved and supported me and they helped me see the value in sharing memories with others.

I am the author of “Sailor Uncovered” (#shamelessselfpromotion), I love poetry, I love school and I love learning new things. I am, among other things, a self-proclaimed literature expert. I’ve never won a Fantasy Football league, I am way too shy for my own good and I’m terrified of the ocean.

If you ever want to get in contact with me you can email me at I tend to stay away from controversial topics, but if I ever say something that offends you or makes you uncomfortable please let me know!

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