BLOG POST: Local is Better


People are right when they say buy local. I see all of these people holding Starbucks cups that are outrageously priced. Some people drink up to three drinks a daybut why?

Behind every local business is a family that makes the money, not a corporation. Money that can send their kids to college versus making the wealthy, wealthier. Let alone the quality of service and product is better.

I went to Starbucks yesterday and I was beyond disappointed. The only reason why I went there was because there is one on every corner and it was on my way to work.

I got a simple order. A tall peppermint hot chocolate since it was still cold outside and who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Probably the easiest thing on the menu to make.

As I pulled up to the drive thru, the lady took my order. Nothing out of the ordinary. With no cars in front of me, I pulled forward and arrived to the window. There the same lady gave me a nasty look as she took my order. I just thought to myself “Wow, my drink better be good.” Five minutes later a younger boy gave me my drink and I drove off.

When I got home, I took a sip and it didn’t taste normal. I lifted the little drink stopper out and realized there was no whip cream. So I lifted the entire lid at that point and not only was there no whip cream, the already small cup was half full.

At that point, I realized why I choose to drive further to go to local coffee shops and restaurants.

It has become a fad to drink Starbucks that the quality doesn’t even matter. It should matter.

There are coffee shops in Highlands Ranch like Enchanted Grounds that have better quality and ensure that each customer is given a good experience.

I have never literally had my cup half full at a local coffee shop.

The atmosphere is also more inviting. There are people that play games that anyone can join in, there are people that read books, and some people converse with new people.

All I have ever seen at Starbucks is everyone immersed in their Macbooks. It is like only people with macbooks are allowed in.
Do the community a favor, buy local.

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