BLOG: No Really, I’m a Jets Fan


“Do you even know any of the players for the Jets,”  “You aren’t a real Jets fan,”  and “Do you even know whose jersey you’re wearing,” are just some of the many things people say to me on a daily basis because I am a Jets fan.

At this point in time I am used to the questions, but it doesn’t make them any less annoying. To answer the questions, yes I know players for the Jets I can promise you I am a real fan and I am most likely wearing a Joe Namath jersey.

Many people believe that because I am not from New York nor have I ever been to a game that I am obviously faking it. That seems funny to me, why would I ever fake being a fan of arguably one of the worst teams in the National Football League?

If I were to be a bandwagon fan I would definitely like the New England Patriots or Green Bay Packers.

Too bad for me I decided to become a fan of a team with zero offense and a semi-reliable defense. Although it does make it hard to stay a fan, I am able to push through every year, still cheering my team on even when they are down by 20 with two minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Hopefully this year, with a new head coach and quarterback, the Jets will be able to win more than three games. It is always my goal for them to win more games this season as they did last season.

To clarify one last time, yes I am a true New York Jets fan and yes I know their team is terrible, but like my senior quote says, “No really, the Jets will be good this year.”         

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