BLOG: My Pleasure



My pleasure.

Have you ever wondered why Chick-fil-A employees always say this after you thank them? Well, I’ll tell you why.


I am currently working at Chick-fil-A in Highlands Ranch Town Center and have been for two years. I am a team leader at this location and I love being a part of the Chick family.


The Chick corporation believes in a type of service that is hard to find these days. Chick-fil-A employees have a different view on the average customer than most fast food chains do. For example, we don’t consider you as a customer we think of you as our guests that we want to serve.


Chick-fil-A tries to use a different vocabulary than you would expect in fast food, we don’t say “for here” or “to go,” we say “are you dining in with us.” Our type of vocabulary includes the famous “My Pleasure” that we have all come to know. This statement lets the guest know that we really care about you and don’t just think of you as a number. It is a step above “you’re welcome.”


Chick-fil-A is a really fun place to work because it is filled with amazing coworkers and all of our guests make us laugh. Yes, you make us laugh.


It’s always funny when you get the mom trying to order for her children and she asks for a chicken McNugget or a Happy Meal.


To be honest it’s actually pretty impressive to see all the names you guys have for polynesian sauce like, the red sauce, sweet and sour, hawaiian sauce and much more. It’s also very funny to see people struggle on how to say polynesian sauce, you mainly get names like, the P sauce, polipanesian sauce or pppppppnesian sauce.


I always like the people that order a nugget eight-count meal and ask for eight Chick-fil-A sauces. Yes, we all agree Chick-fil-A sauce is heaven but if you really feel like you need one sauce packet for each nugget than you should buy the eight-ounce tub that we generally pair with nugget trays.


I love working at Chick and I think it would be a great job for anyone looking for a fun, meaningful place to work because behind Chick-fil-A’s great taste is a company that believes in delivering second-mile service to all guests. We believe in making every guest feel special and creating those special bonds that keep you coming back because without all of our amazing guests we would be at a loss.


And don’t forget, Eat Mor Chikin.

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