BLOG: Last Semester Feels


Coming back from Winter Break right before the end of senior year might be one of the single hardest things I have ever done in the entirety of my high school career.

Not only do I have the most dreaded class in the history of classes (math), I also have to finish a semester of physics and read six books for English. I have been in high school for four years and haven’t read six full length books and now my teacher thinks, that during the last semester of my high school career, I will be willing to read six books? Honey please, where them SparkNotes at.

Now back to math. Some people like it and some people hate it with every ounce of hatred they have. I am the second of these two people. I know math is important in life and I realize that it is a requirement, but do I really need to know the equation of a circle or the derivative of x in order to pay my taxes and balance my money? NO. I need a calculator that has a plus, minus, divide and multiply sign. Nor do I need some 85 dollar calculator that factors for me and graphs things out for me. What would I ever need to graph in my future as a journalist, the amount of money I spend vs. the amount of money I make?

Physics is another one of the classes I am expected to take this semester. I also understand that it does have real life applications. If someone moving hits you while you’re standing still you will move (and also be in pain). I also learned about this crazy cool thing called gravity and how it worked. Who knew that was a thing? Am I expected to learn any more though? According to my teacher this semester will be harder than last semester. All I can say is that doesn’t sound like a very good idea when over half the class is seniors who are counting down the days until they are no longer in high school. I am not saying that the students aren’t going to try any less (even though that is a very real possibility) all I am saying is that it is our last semester and for some reason it’s harder? Seems odd.

Now I am not saying that I am not going to try hard in my classes and that I don’t think these classes are important, I just think that it is the last four months of senior year and it might actually be the hardest semester of high school. So this is to all the seniors out there who relate to what I am going through and know that other people feel with you in regards to classes.

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