BLOG: It’s My Birthday!

Today I turn 17 and that is terrifying. Seventeen is that age where you’re old enough to be expected to act like an adult but not quite old enough to actually have the responsibilities of an adult.

I have noticed significant changes in my personality and mindset from September 18, 2014 to today, September 18, 2015. The most important, I think, is I am letting more and more people into my life, which is why I want to recap my year with you.

For one thing, I’m actually paying attention to what politicians have to say and, despite how the media tries to portray them, they have some great things to say. Who will win the 2016 Presidential Election is still anybody’s game, but I see some strong competitors making a name for themselves. My 18th birthday will be approximately two months before voting opens, so I look forward to voting for my first president.

Money has also become much more important to me. When my grandmother died in January we had to deal with her estate and our inheritances. All of a sudden, because of that, I’m thinking about social security, taxes, the stock market and other investments. It feels like all I can think about is finding a job to pay for college, finding a high-paying job after college to support my family, and finding a retirement plan that will sustain me and my family after I pass away.

My childhood dream was to publish a book before I graduate from high school. On August 11, 2015, that dream became a reality as my first book “Sailor Uncovered” became available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I am having initial fears of being a “one-hit wonder”, but that is not stopping me from working on my next book and making a name for myself in the literary world.

As I mentioned earlier, I have matured the most in my social skills. While most people can’t tell just from looking at me, I have felt the changes and those close to me have seen the differences. I still can’t perform my poetry the way I want to, but speaking in front of a large crowd isn’t as intimidating as it was just a year ago. I have made connections I couldn’t a year ago and I am proud of that. I think I will always be a shy person, but at least I know it will not hinder me in my endeavors.

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