BLOG: Got Disc



From my previous blog post it is obvious that I love Ultimate Frisbee, but another passion of mine is playing Disc golf. I have never been invested in Disc golf as much as I have been in Ultimate, but ever since I played a game with some of my co-workers I have been hooked.


The cool thing about playing Disc golf is that behind my backyard in Larkspur, one of my neighbors has three holes which allows me to play whenever. We also have a course at Mountain Vista. It is a fun course and is good for beginners all the way to experts.


The game I played with my co-workers was at the County Line Course. It was definitely a fun course, but if you are not a very experienced disc golfer I would recommend not playing at this course, because it is very easy to lose your disc. An advantage to playing at this course is that you can find lots of discs.


Disc golf is a fun leisure sport that everyone can play, so next time you and your friends are bored go grab some discs and hit the course.

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