BLOG: Go Broncos


To prepare for a great Super Bowl, one must follow some pretty important steps. If you take my advice I promise you will have the best Super Bowl.


One of the most important things to prepare for the Super Bowl is to support your team by wearing your team spirit all week. My friend Matt Doddemeade and I started the tradition of wearing our Bronco gear all week in the 2013 Super Bowl. Although the Broncos lost that game, we still have our faith. What I recommend to you is to wear your Bronco gear any chance you get.


The next step to a successful Super Bowl is to watch animal prediction videos. I personally like watching all the different kinds of animals pick my team to win. They have videos of puppies, bears, fish and many more animals that predict the Super-Bowl champ.


This next and final step might be the most important: Food. The key to any great party is great food. For an occasion like the Super Bowl my favorite meal is hot wings with carrots and celery and queso dip. Everybody has their own styles and tastes so just make it your own.


One of the most important things to remember when preparing for the Super Bowl is to remember make it your own and just have fun. Enjoy cheering for your favorite team with friends and family and make it a party everyone wants to be at.


Go Broncos!

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